The Pear Cafe Verge Garden

On Sussex St in Alberton, The Pear Cafe was the first BBB Verge Garden.

The finished product

It took 2 days to complete the planting at the Pear Cafe. Below you can see the steps that were taken.

Day one

The first step is planning and a team meeting. Everyone needs to be on the same page – literally. Before starting a planting, a design must be made in accordance to which direction the verge faces and which plants will be used. Each volunteer will look at the design and be assigned a role.

Pictured above L-R: The Pear Verge planting team meeting, and Debra and Deidre.

Next we needed to dig up the weeds in the verge, as well as dig trenches along the sides to allow drainage.

Pictured above L-R: One of our youngest helpers digging up weeds, and volunteers digging trenches.

After all weeds and grass has been removed and trenches have been dug around the perimeter of the verge, it’s time to dig. Referring to the design, we dug numerous holes then filled each with water. The water was left to drain into the soil, and then refilled a dozen times.

Then, making a mud-pie in the holes, find a spot for the plant to sit inside the hole.

Once all the caterpillar food has been successfully planted, we surround the plants with cardboard to keep and remaining weeds and grass below the surface.

The final step is the mulch.