BBB’s Butterfly Gardens

Over the last 12 months, Bringing Back The Butterflies has expanded its inventory of completed Butterfly Gardens immensely. Below you can find a page with all of our completed Gardens as of December 2018, as well as more specified lists such as verge gardens and school gardens. You can also use the search option to the right to find exactly what you’re looking for.

All BBB Gardens

An A-Z list of our completed butterfly gardens (in the Adelaide Region).

Verge Gardens

A popular type of butterfly site we develop are verge gardens; a verge is a strip of grass along sidewalks, usually parallel to private homes and shops.

School Gardens

Many schools have gotten on board to the BBB cause, here you can find all of the gardens we have developed at schools throughout Adelaide with the help of students, teachers and volunteers.

Private Gardens

We also are happy to assist with butterfly gardens in homes around Adelaide. Here you can find our private gardens in the private gardens of Eco-conscious individuals.